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Money In Relationships – A Delicate Issue

Money has always seemed to be a controversial subject in relationships. While women see money as the supporting pillar for security and independence, men rather understand it as an external indicator for professional success and their individual self-esteem. Women in relationships often see money as an external thread that might put their love and happiness in danger, they are more romantic than their male partners and prefer to separate money and all that goes along with it from the relationship and love. Men on the other hand think quite contrarily, that means they establish a direct link between money and their relationships. Male partners see money as the basis to build a relationship and a family on. Two considerably different viewpoints that can lead to disharmony and arguments.

The attitude of both partners towards money can be very contradictory. It is not unlikely that an extremely thrifty person finds a partner that is overly lavish with money. However, the advantage of such constellations can be that the two partners complement one another harmoniously. Meaning the thrifty person learns to relax more and to enjoy spending some money on things that improve their life situation or wellbeing; and the lavish partners can learn to control their spendings and to avoid a waste of money.

It is essential, that couples with a significantly dissimilar income and attitude towards money sit together at one table and discuss how to handle the subject so that both are happy with it.

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