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Looking At The Bright Side After A Failed Relationship

Break ups and failed relationships are hard to accept and hard to deal with. There are times where we feel like there’s no worse feeling in the world and that life is not worth living anymore. But who ever overcame a broken heart will confirm that life goes on, and even better: life can get happier and more fulfilled than ever before. Once the worst time is over and the most painful period has passed, we slowly start to enjoy things without constantly thinking of our ex. That is the first and most crucial step on the ladder back into life, once that is done, the rest is a walk in the park. Here are 5 tips how we can manage to keep looking on the bright side of life after a painful break up:

No. 1: Accepting it! Accepting that the relationship is over and that the ex is not going to come back is hard but essential for moving on.

No. 2: Looking back and analyzing the relationship is not easy, during the first few months everything we remember about our ex relationship is positive, adorned with flowers and extra sugar on top. But we have to be realistic, there were probably many things that led to the break up which weren’t really great. Maybe there were even some things we didn’t like about our ex at all. As soon as we become aware of it we can start looking for a better match.

No. 3: Becoming aware of all the new opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead. A single life offers many advantages, new freedom and a whole new horizon.

No. 4: Being single after a long relationship is a good opportunity to catch up with some friends and things we neglected. In long term relationships, some people tend to focus too much on the partner, sometimes the partner even becomes the only friend and social contact we have. And that’s normal, when the relationship starts and we are so in love with the other person that we might forget all that’s around us. That’s natural and everyone understands, but it can be dangerous to keep it that way for longer than a year. The risk is huge to become totally dependent on the partner so that we forget our friends and what we want in life.

No. 5: The logical consequence of No. 4 – finding back to yourself and think of what YOU really want! Maybe you can think of some things in your ex relationship you only did for the sake of your ex partner? Or you missed out things you would have loved to do? You’re free to do whatever you want to do now – Enjoy!

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