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Singles in New York – A blessing and a curse

Being single is a circumstance that is not easy to change, most of all if you are living in New York where an amazing 30 percent of the population doesn’t have a partner. TV shows and movies like Sex and the City reveal what most of New York’s single have known for a long time – in this city everybody is trying and pretending to stay forever independent and young. No wonder, that this place is known by the nickname City of Lonely Hearts. But eventually the dream to be with someone might seem just as strong as unrealizable.

New York is known as the Single Capital of the United States. When you walk along the streets, you will hardly ever see a couple. And even if, it is most likely that they are tourists. In New York it is completely usual to go out alone. People sit alone in cafés, they spend their lunch break alone, they relax in the park alone, they go to exhibitions and the movies – all on their own. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to feel bad to go out alone. Nobody will look at you or think you are pitiful.

The Big Apple is a very career and fun oriented city. Everyone lives or comes here to fulfill and find themselves. New York is the city without boundaries to what the individual can achieve. Whether it is a model career, a job with one of the world’s most successful global players, whether you want to become an artist, a dancer, a bar manager or simply party hard and have a blast – New York is a vast playground for adults with anything you could possibly imagine and desire.

But what happens if this party and single life starts to get tedious, exhausting, boring and – most likely – lonely? By the time this happens you might already be 40 years old and suddenly you realize that your chances to find someone you truly love are limited if not close to zero.

No wonder that New York’s that the demand and offer for events specially designed for singles are booming. Lonely Heart Parties, Speeddatings, Single cooking courses and the list goes on. However, the amount of singles in New York is so huge, that it makes it hard to choose anyone at all. Studies reveal that 80 percent of New York’s singles are actually looking for fun instead of true love. Who would have thought, but they are actually happy and do not intend to change anything about their lives. The rules for being single in New York are rough but easy: Kiss on first date, sex after the third date, exclusive affair (NOT relationship!) after three month. Seems like there is only one thing left to do: Love it or leave it.

Indeed chances are very low to find a match in New York, but not all hope is lost. According to a survey, every fourth of the city’s happy – but admittedly few – couples met in New York.

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