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5 Reasons to come to San Francisco with your Date

Some people call San Francisco the most beautiful city in the world. As well as beauty, this title surely lies in the eye of the beholder, but San Francisco is without a doubt well worth a visit and has a lot on offer for first time travelers as well as dedicated fans. Here are five of thousands of reasons, why San Francisco is the perfect city to come with your date.

One – A one-of-a-kind location. San Francisco is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and a spectacular mountain panorama. There are plenty of fantastic spots to watch the sunset combined with a view of the legendary Golden Gate Bridge, idyllic small ports and the city’s famous architecture. Thanks to it’s location right next to the ocean, long romantic walks and plenty of other activities for lovebirds await.

Two – Rich culture and history. For those who are interested in culture and history, San Francisco offers a vast variety of museums and exhibitions telling the city’s impressive story. From Native Americans and the gold diggers of 1949 to the summer of love in 1967 – This place is teeming with a diverse culture and interesting stories about the past.

Three – Tolerance. San Francisco is famous for it’s huge LGBT community. 10 percent of the city’s population is homosexual and proud to be so. Along with this diverse community comes a tolerance and progress that determines the city vibe. Which means there is a fantastic choice of events, parties, bars and parades to join and visit. Feel the vibe of freedom and love all around.

Four – Sightseeing. Visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the landmark of San Francisco with its sky-high red towers and the mist rolling in from the ocean. Stroll along Fisherman Wharf at Pier 39 to spot the noisy sea lions and visit some quaint shops and excellent seafood restaurants. Take a trip to Alcatraz with it’s spooky vibe and rich history of prisoners and dark mystery. Relax in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park with it’s extensive range of spectacular sights and museums. Get a feel of a different culture and nation in Chinatown where a myriad of Chinese restaurants and shops with authentic products await. Visit the beautiful quarter Alamo Square. Nestled on a hill and with a quaint little park, this quarter is famed for it’s line of colorful houses called Painted Ladies. Jump on one of the traditional rattling and rumbling Cable Cars and hold on tightly to your love…and the list goes on.

Five – The San Francisco Bay Area. There is so much to explore in San Francisco’s Bay Area that it is hard to decide where to start. Take a boat or bus trip or organize your own bike tour around San Francisco Bay and visit just as many sights as you want. They would be enough to fill weeks of excitement. Enjoy gourmet food and fine wines in excellent restaurants, discover vast natural parks with species-rich habitats and romantic hideaways or just spend a day on the beach.

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