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6 reasons to take a trip to Birmingham

With more than one million inhabitants, Birmingham is the United Kingdom’s second largest city. Here are 6 reasons to take a trip to this wonderful British metropolis locals also call “Brum”.

One – Multi-cultural. Birmingham’s population is one of the most diverse in the country. People and cultures from all over the world call this amazing city their home and create a multi-cultural and dynamic vibe unlike any other British city. Locals are known to be very warm-hearted and welcoming and make every stay a unique and unforgettable experience.

Two – Location. Birmingham is located in the middle of England and is therefore the ideal starting point to explore the country. Buses and trains run from here to all major cities in England, Scotland and Wales as well as to Ireland.

Three – Shopping. Birmingham is an excellent shopping destination. From quirky antiques and rare finds to high-end designer clothes and popular high street chains – there is nothing shopping lovers won’t find here.

Four – Culture and history. Birmingham surprises with a rich and exciting history and diverse culture offerings. Live music from small local bands to the world’s top stars and from creative theatre productions to internationally known shows abound, as well as classical music nights, museums, exhibitions, guided walking and boat tours.

Five – Tourist attractions. Stroll through the city centre with it’s characteristic architecture and canals as well as shops and restaurants. Unwind in Birmingham’s botanic gardens southwest of the city centre. Their history dates back to the 18th century and offer a historic and relaxing walk on a warm summer or spring day. Flower enthusiasts can spend a whole day here. Visit the Jewellery Quarter with some of it’s shops dating back to the 15th century. Find a bargain or something extraordinarily exclusive to take home. This quarter is also home of the Smith & Pepper Jewellery Factory. Admire the splendid architecture of Soho House, a quarter of Birmingham that is teeming in history. The 19th century Birmingham Town Hall is well worth a visit. It’s magnificent architecture could well fit into Rome. The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is the place to be for all art lovers, which most importantly features collections of Canaletto, Degas and Renoir.

Six – Nightlife. Birmingham is a city that never sleeps. Once the shops and businesses shut down for the day, the bars and clubs come alive and offer a unique variety of events, parties and concerts of all kinds. No matter what type of night owl you are, you are sure to find your perfect place or route for the night with your favorite music and type of people. The most popular nightlife locations in Birmingham are Dave’s Pub with Live Entertainment, Live Music and a typical pub feel; Nana Funks, a dance club in the Lakeview districts with Live-DJs spinning the most up to date tunes and sounds; the Basecamp in Five Points South with after hour parties and live music; and the Blue Monkey, a live music venue and lounge with a speakeasy feel.

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