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Finest Restaurants in London - Yashin Sushi and Zucca

Yashin Sushi
The Yashin Sushi is a japanese restaurant in London. On the menu you can find dishes like Edamame Yuzushio, Black Truffle and Mategai, White Fish of the day with Hawaiian Black Salt and Yuzu Citrus, Tuna with Truffle Infused Ponzu Jelly, Soft Shell with Mizuna or Sashimi Without Soy Sauce. Like some sushi bars in Japan, soy sauce and wasabi are not offered at the table for diners to use as they please; instead, the itamae (sushi chef) crafts and seasons each piece differently, to bring out certain qualities of every (shell)fish. Travelers from all around the world know this restaurant for its marvelous cuisine. The restaurant is located at 1A Argyll Road, W8 7DB, London.

The Zucca is a famous restaurant in London. The food served at the Zucca is based on the traditional Italian kitchen. On the website of the restaurant you find the desciption: Design will play a more key role as surroundings can have a dramatic impact on a dining experience. So at the Zucca it is not only important what you eat but also in what atmosphere you enjoy your meal. The restaurant is located at 184 Bermondsey Street London SE1 3TQ.

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