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Restaurants in London - Bull & Last, Cah Chi, Dabbous

Bull & Last
The Bull & Last is an incredible family restaurant. It is so terrific that many people travel to it from all over London. It serves duck hearts and other special delicious dishes. It is very popular for the age group 30 to 45. The restaurant is located at 168 Highgate Rd, NW5 1QS, London.

Cah Chi
This Korean restaurant serves delicious seafood and barbecue. It authentic dishes are one of the most popular in London. Travelers from all around the world know this restaurant for its marvelous cuisine and it is very popular for the age group 18 to 40. The restaurant is located at 34 Durham Road, SW20 0TW, London.

The dishes that are served here are incredible. It is one of the most upcoming restaurant in London city. The restaurant was voted the most successful restaurant in London in 2012.

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