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Best Bars in London - Portobello Star - Powder Keg Diplomacy

Portobello Star
The Portobello Star describes itself as following: frequented by Royals, scallywags, urchins, beggars, scarlet ladies, drunkards, intellectuals, popular musicians of the day and the occasional association football player. What you find in this place is a very old-school looking bar with an amazing atmosphere of past times. For years this place is one of the holdouts along the Portobello Road. It first opened over 250 years ago ! So this place is living british and cockney history. The Portobello Star is located at 171 Portobello Road, W11 2DY in London.

Powder Keg Diplomacy
The Powder Keg Diplomacy is a bar and restaurant with a colonial and victorian theme. The central bar is drenched in deep blues. The PKD describe the inerior as a raw brickwork surrounded by a working fireplace framed in sofas and chairs, perfect for lounging. The beer list is built around great traditional British brewing and the cocktail list is long. Very nice place to chill and drink a glass of wine or an old scotch. The bar is located at 147 St John's Hill, SW11 1TQ in London.

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