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Intimate dates with sexy female escorts

Many things remain a secret in the corporate world. They happen behind closed doors and nothing ever gets through to the public. Because if it would, it could mean the decline of major companies and leaders of internationally successful enterprises. Nevertheless, it is widely known that bosses and employees of huge international companies like to party. And sometimes they like to party very hard. Every now and then they have parties for which the company orders young female escorts with an escort agency.

We talked to the manager of a big international enterprise who told us about what is really going on when big companies celebrate legendary parties. Our first question was if the rumors were true, that big companies hire female escorts for parties and what exactly happens when employers and employees meet sexy escort ladies.

“In our company, and I know this is also the case in many other big companies, it is a common tradition that we celebrate successful sales or stock related winnings excessively. Men only, of course. Young and sexy female escorts have always been a part of such celebrations. We hire them from professional escort agencies we know and whose escort services we used before. Tradition has it that we always hire the ladies with the same agency. Escort agencies employ many beautiful young girls but because we know them already we all have our favorite escort girl. All of them are young and sexy and very attractive young ladies with style and class.”

We wanted to know why the company chose to hire female escorts instead of using the service of call girls or a brothel nearby. “There is a huge difference between young women working in a brothel or young call girls and female escorts. The services of female escorts are way more expensive and exclusive. They are not only offering erotic services but they also have to fulfill other requirements like being intelligent, sophisticated, well-groomed and cosmopolite. This is because their clients including us appreciate young sexy women with style. We want to have sex, of course, but we also want to talk to the pretty ladies and have a great time altogether. When we celebrate a proper party with female escorts, we party for over 2 days sometimes. We rent a whole floor of a luxury hotel or at least a luxury suite and spend a lot of time with the girls.”

We were interested if certain qualities are required to qualify to take part in such an erotic get-together with sexy escort women. Or if every male company member is allowed to join the secret affair.

“We should not forget that the dates with female escorts are strictly confidential and top secret. The public can never know about what happens behind closed doors in a company as big and influential as ours. They are never allowed to know that major players of the economy are celebrating sex parties and that they hire escort ladies with company money. That is why we have to be really selective and careful with whom we invite and whom to trust in this matter.”

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