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13 Indicators For Her Lack Of Interest

Its not always easy to know what’s on women’s minds. Especially when you have a serious crush on them. Because what often happens to men is that as soon as they start “mating” they are likely to lose their minds and miss the indications she is sending. Here are 13 signs that indicate a clear lack of interest from her side. Watch out for them and it will make your life a lot easier.

No. 1: She avoids body contact! Once or twice, ok, fair enough. But guys, if she won’t let you touch her after 5 dates or so, forget it!

No. 2: You are the proactive one, she does not answer your calls, SMS or emails! Stop contacting her for about a week and see what happens, if you don’ hear from her she’s not into you.

No. 3: She says things like: “You are such a nice and understanding friend, I feel like I trust you already and you are such a great listener.” – No chance she ever wants to get it on with you!

No. 4: She says she is not interested in a relationship right now. (Nothing to add!)

No. 5: She obviously flirts with other men! Make sure you give her enough attention because women like to flirt with other men to test if we really love her. If you already do all you can and she still flirts with other men, you will never have that lady for yourself.

No. 6: She cancels dates more than twice. If she cancels your dates more often than that, she keeps her options open until something more exciting crosses her way than a date with you.

No. 7: She says: “Phew, you know I am sooo terribly busy at the moment, I will call you as soon as I got time.” Be realistic, she would make some time if she really wanted to see you.

No. 8: She doesn’t laugh about your jokes! When we are in love we laugh about any and every single joke our beloved person makes. If all you get is a weary smile, she thinks you are embarrassing and boring.

No. 9: She hardly listens to what you say and fills the air with comments like:”Oh really? Ha ha!”, or “Mhhh, I see!”. Again, she’s bored as hell!

No. 10: Women love it when you look into their eyes with passion and longing – but only if they are into you. As long as she avoids eye contact she is not truly interested.

No. 11: On a night out: You try to dance with her, she moves away. Clear signal!

No. 12: After a night out: You suggest to have a nightcap somewhere or go to your or her place and she says: “Sorry, but I am really tired, I just want to go to sleep right now. I’ll call to tomorrow!” Case clear.

No. 13: She tells you about other guys in her life and asks for your advice. If a woman does that, all she wants is your advice as friend and you will never be more than her friend.

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