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How To Deal With Lovesickness

We all fall in love sometimes and it is the most sensational feeling in the world to be loved back equally – but what if not? It feels like waking up after a nice dream, being smashed to the ground, having the carpet pulled from under our feet, falling into a big black hole. Our relationship or marriage was turned into rubble and it seems that there’s nothing we can do about it. A traumatizing experience that leaves obvious marks in our soul. But also an experience we all have to go through at least once in our lives to learn about ourselves, to learn about what we want and don’t want in a relationship and finally, to grow stronger and find our true self. Looking back after many years have past, we are able to smile about it. Just like any other body part, our heart heals itself.

But we have to be open for the process of healing. After the period of mourning, we have to pull ourselves out of that black hole and get active again. We have to accept and let go and be open to new experiences and new people and, step by step, also to a new love.

All this is easier said than done. If it hit you really hard, here’s what you can do to get over your lovesickness: 1. Set yourself the specific target to overcome your lovesickness. With that decision in mind it is easier to move on. 2. Stay away from the person that caused your lovesickness. Avoid contact with him or her. Give yourself enough time and distance to get over him or her. 3. Enjoy the highs but also accepts the lows. Hard times will come and draw you back, but don’t give up, there’s always a next day! 4. Get moving. Start an active hobby to get rid of emotions and let off some steam. 5. Go out! It’s hard but make sure you go out and meet people. Social contacts are essential for getting you back into normal life. Avoid hiding alone in your dark room. Meeting with and talking to other people and friends will help you see everything from a different point of view. 6. Try to be good to yourself. Eat well, stay active and buy yourself something nice every now and then. Lovesickness makes us lack of self-confidence, tell yourself that you are worth more than that and love yourself. 7. Start something new. Make a clear cut between your old relationship and your new life. Throw away all the things that remind you of your lost lover, redecorate your flat or house and try to avoid doing too many things that remind you of the other person. Distract yourself by starting something new, something you always wanted to try or do again. Think of all the nice opportunities and possibilities of a single life. Stay positive!

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