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Does Luxury Equal Luck?

A recent US-study examined the connection between personal happiness and a luxury lifestyle. The respondents were people who inherited a huge amount of money, who won the lottery and people who were originally poor and came to marry a rich partner.

The group that grew up with abundant wealth couldn’t really say if they were more or less happy at certain points of their life. They were used to enjoying unlimited financial means and didn’t ever come to ask themselves the questions whether they would be happier with more or less money. Some of them, however, stated that their money is also a curse and that they sometimes wish for a quiet and normal life.

The group that won a huge amount of money thanks to the lottery became rich people over night. They dreamt about having money but they never actually think about how to handle it. It means a lot of responsibility and making the right decisions of where and how to invest your money. 80% of the lottery winners said that they wish they had never won it. It changed their life for worse.

The group of respondents that married rich partners and were poor in the first place said that they were much happier than before, but only for the first 1-2 years. After 2 years, 90% of all respondents said that their level of happiness was exactly the same as before the marriage and the access to so much money.

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