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Celebrity Couples With A Huge Age Difference - Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas was born September 25, 1944 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States. He is the son of the famous actor Kirk Douglas and the eldest of four sons. His mother is Diana Dill. Like his father he also became a Hollywood actor. One of his first roles, that made him become more famous, was a leading role in the TV series The Streets of San Francisco in 1975. Then he played in Blockbuster movies like The Jewel of Nile, Wall Street, Fatal Attraction, The War of Roses, Falling Down, Black Rain, Basic Instinct, Traffic, Wonder Boys, Do not say a Word and others.

Michael Douglas was capable of playing characters who were "weak, culpable, morally indolent, compromised, and greedy for illicit sensation without losing that basic probity or potential for ethical character that we require of a hero." (Thomson, David. The New Biographical Dictionary of Film, Alfred A. Knopf (2002) pp. 247–249). He won the Oscar for One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest in 1975, which he produced, and as an actor for the movies Wall Street (as Gordon Gecko) in 1987 and for the role of Liberace in the movie Behind the Candelabra in 2013.

In March 1977, the 32 years old Michael Douglas married the 19-year-old Diandra Luker. They had a son called Cameron, born 1972. In 1995 they divorced. In 1999 he began dating the Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jone and they married on November 18, 2000.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was born on the 25 September 1969 in Swansea, Wales. Her parents were Patricia and David James Jones. Her father was a sweet-factory owner. She began acting on stage in her early years. With 14 she was cast as Tallulah in theatre production of Bugsy Malone. With 17 she had a part in the chorus of The Pajama Game at the Haymarket Theatre. Her first role in a movie was the Scheherazade in 1990 in the film Les 1001 nuits. The first filmrole that made her famous to a bigger audience was the leading role of Elena in the Hollywood movie The Mask of Zorro, 1998. In this film she played along with Antonio Banderas. Other movies she made in the following years were Traffic, Americas Sweethearts, The Terminal, The Legend of Zorro, Rock of Ages, RED 2, Oceans Twelve and Entrapment. In 2002 she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the movie Chicago.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is exactly 25 years younger than Michael Douglas, because they share the same birthday, September 25. They are married for 15 years and have two children, Dylan and Carys. In 2015, Catherine turned 46 and Michael will be 71.

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