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An abundance of young and sexy models

This is the story of model agent Jack from New York. Born in Britain, he always had a weak spot for beautiful women. At some point, he got the idea of turning his hobby into his profession.

Thirty years ago, Jack was an inexperienced man. He was only 32 years old and worked as a fashion shop assistant in a boutique in London. The clothes he was selling back then were tailored for young and sexy women who loved to wear tight clothes, short skirts, and who were willing to spend some money for good quality fashion. Already then, Jack noticed that his passion are young single women.

He became a successful businessman in the fashion industry and accumulated a considerable amount of wealth. He visited a lot of parties and events where he was always meeting young single girls. One day on one of those parties he got to know the young beauty Michelle. Her dream was to become a sexy model. Jack knew a lot of people and fortunately the right ones like important model agencies and experts from the industry. Michelle was young and sexy and with Jack’s help she finally made it to the top. Jack thought by himself: ‘I know what it takes for a young beautiful girl to become a model, I know how pretty girls have to look like to make it, so why not open my own agency for pretty young women?’

Said and done. Jack founded his own modeling agency for hot young girls 20 years ago and is very successful ever since. He loves his job. Every day he is meeting sexy young girls, he is always surrounded by beautiful top models and can date younger girls whenever he wants to. “I love what I do!”, says Jack. “I found the job I really love and share my time with the most beautiful women, every single day. I have plenty of dates with hot girls and this is why I still feel like 18 myself!”

Sometimes Jack organizes wild parties with hot super models. Jack is not ashamed to confess that he is mainly interested in sexual adventures with younger women. He is young at heart and he wants to enjoy his life to the fullest. He has no commitments and doesn’t owe anything to anybody. He is free to share his time with pretty girls whenever he wants to.

His agency is very successful and the sexy young women love him and all are fond of working with him as a model agent because apart from organizing the best super model parties he is also a very professional businessman thanks to whom many attractive young women made it to the big and important fashion shows and catwalks. His parties are legendary, everyone wants to go and the most famous celebs are meeting up together with many men who only want the same thing as Jack: Date a hot super model!

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