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Affair with the secretary equals playing with fire

Eversince there has been corporate culture there have been office affairs with secretaries and bosses. Sexy secretaries often have to fight the cliché of having an affair with their boss or of intending to do so. Young and sexy PAs, hot secretaries, office bunnies – they all are accused of taking advantage of their great looks to climb up the career ladder.

Like with every cliché there is also some truth to the one that bosses are flirting with sexy secretaries. Sometimes it even goes further and the flirt evolves into an erotic affair or a relationship with age difference. Many examples exist, where bosses had an affair with a young secretary and ended up in marrying her. For some beautiful single ladies there is nothing wrong about flirting with older men and being open for everything the situation holds in store for them. At least once in his or her life every office worker heard the gossip after an exuberant company celebration that goes like: Did you hear it, the boss is sleeping with the secretary, Mr. Bennett has a fling with the sexy PA, Walter had a one-night-stand with the sexy secretary, and so on. Nobody saw it but everybody claims to know – long before it even happened.

Getting involved with younger women in the office, flirts with sexy young secretaries or an affair with a young and hot girl from the work place are as exciting as secret erotic affairs can get. The fact that the affair takes place at work adds a thrilling pinch of spice to it. Nobody in the office knows, sexy secret looks are exchanged, secret flirts take place in the tea kitchen or behind the back of the colleagues. Psychologists agree that a secret erotic affair or a flirt with employees gives people a kind of thrill that is comparable with the kick we feel as a teenager in love. We tend to lose our senses and are overwhelmed and over-powered by our emotions and are not able to think straight anymore.

Secret affairs with young secretaries are a risky business. The affair is hidden behind work related chats and teamwork and the thrill is electrifying and extraordinary. The sexy vibes are often enhanced by starting erotic email chats. The danger of writing sexy emails with young secretaries should not be underestimated. Of course, both flirt partners are aware of this danger what makes the whole affair even more exciting.

Both, the boss and his beautiful young secretary have to be careful not to lose control of the situation. If the sparkles fly too obviously, there is the risk that other employees smell a rat. Dirty emails should always be deleted right away. Most of all when the boss or the sexy young woman is off on holiday. Work colleagues might use the computer and answer incoming emails which increases the chance of them reading the erotic chat. And everyone can imagine how quickly the gossip will spread among the employees and up to the management. For everyone dating a hot secretary should be the number one rule: Play it safe! Don’t leave the slightest trace that might reveal that you are chatting with sexy younger women from the office.

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