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Why Couples with Age Differences Break Up

No accountability taken for a wrong committed, the prideful, rich gentleman knows he can date others, so he makes no apologies for his rude behaviors. The young woman doesn’t care to listen to the older man’s criticisms of her; she simply brushes him off and starts making plans to date others.

There are many reasons why relationships with age differences break up. One thing is for sure, they are very much like all the rest, two different people with very conflicting ways of how they view one another and an unbelief when it comes to how one’s offensive actions and inactions play a part when interacting with one another.

Neither person wants to admit they just aren’t compatible, so they fake it to make it until they can’t pretend any longer. When you notice no matter what you say or do, a date is often being critical, disagrees with you, or even acts as if he is uninterested in you, know that things will not get any easier. You both are a mismatch for one another. Couples who frequently dispute and badmouth one another to others are miserable. It can be challenging dealing with generational differences and because of this, it often leads to incompatibility whether the couple chooses to admit this or not.

Unwilling to reach a compromise
The mature man has his reasons for not wanting to do something and his young partner has hers. No one wants to see the glass half full. So around and around they go about issues like: money, marriage, family planning, unsupportive relatives, and more. He says, “That’s not true…” when she shares her views about someone or something. He tells her what she is feeling without fully listening to her. In time, the couple grows weary of trying to fight for a meeting of the minds. They become indifferent about agreeing on anything and so the relationship ends.

One or both might be selfish about sharing intimate moments, money, time away from the job and other personal things; therefore, a partner might pick up on the other’s negative attitude far too many times and will reason, “He/she should be alone. I just can’t put with his/her mean-spiritedness.” Men and women who don’t enjoy sharing their lives don’t make good partners. They often live in their own worlds and leave little room for anyone to enter. For instance, this person might have his or her uncompromising work schedule, favorite things to do during off days, special places, ways of doing things, and isn’t interested in changing.

Some older men can be quite stubborn and may fight about those things that take them out of their comfort zones. So when the young woman makes a suggestion about doing something different like going to an event, taking a class etc., her older partner resists. He makes excuses, places blame, argues, or covers up his feelings for a time. He repeatedly gives off a negative vibe that turns his younger partner off.

Disrespectful of one another due to age difference
He talks to her as if she is a child and makes references to how immature she might be. His date makes comments about how old he is and why she doesn’t like how he acts, because he is so old. These dishonorable statements only add fuel to the fire and eventually neither person wants to talk to one another much less be in the same room with one another.

Unsupportive family and friends
Loved ones who are close to a family member will express their concern and depending on how close a date is with relatives might break up a dating relationship. Some daters value their family and friends opinions so much that they build their worlds based on what others say, rather than what they truly want. This can be the case when older dates younger and vice versa. If the ex, children, parents, or someone else doesn’t like one’s mate and this person values what “they say,” there is a good possibility the relationship just might not go the distance.
Former age gap couples have many thoughts as to why things just didn’t work out between them, but what one must realize no matter the age, there will always be some things you don’t like about someone you are dating. It is up to you to take the bitter with the sweet if you intend to make your relationship last.

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