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What to Expect When Dating a Divorced Woman

You don’t really know why a woman who appears to be a great catch was rejected or why she really divorced her husband. For all you know, she could have been the one caught in bed cheating on her husband with the mailman. But whatever the reason she is now divorced; therefore, she is free to date or is she?

There are things you might want to think about before seriously dating any woman who has experienced a divorce.

Is she mentally ready to date again?
Depending on how traumatic the experience, some women simply are not capable of dating anyone. She may have been verbally and physically assaulted during the marriage or she may have been the one wounding her former husband. You will want to know the answer to that question. Also, does she mention needing to take certain medications as a result of her past and what are the side effects to those medicines? Women tend to be more emotional than men, according to many health studies. They nurture spouses, children, and relatives, so when a woman is left broken-hearted, her mind can experience much trauma in addition to worsened premenstrual syndrome, mid-life changes, and other women’s health concerns.

Does she have children? How often do they visit or do they live with her?
If she doesn’t have her children often this doesn’t mean that she will not experience some stress, but it won’t be as much as a woman who has to deal with little ones on a regular basis. Know what your tolerance level is when it comes to children. You may do okay with teens, but not with little ones. If her children live with her, she will eventually expect a man, who she becomes serious with, to help her parent the children.

How amicable is she with the ex or exes?
Notice how she looks and sounds when talking about her ex. If she is often angry with them, you may want to give her some space. If she appears as if she still cares/loves him/them very much, you might want to back off unless you want your heart later broken.

How is she with her family and friends?

As you learn more about this woman and her inner circle, are these people you can tolerate? Will she have your back if her people should suddenly become disrespectful or visibly irritated with you? The more you learn about the inner workings of her family and the connection she has to her friends, the better able you are in making a wise decision on whether she is a keeper.

Do you think you are ready to be supportive, a shoulder to lean on, or a knight in shining armor?
Know what role you are playing in her life on any given day and do your best to perform in it well. She could be testing you to see if you are indeed someone she wants to date for a long-time.

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