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30 Movies with Romantic Scenes and Tips on Choosing a Good Movie

Laughing, crying or even yelling at the television screen, a budding couple can create lasting memories with one another when the right movie is being played. From a touching romantic film to a fun family movie, when the mood is right, it doesn’t matter how terrible the movie just so long as it is being experienced with that one who makes you smile!

Movie selection need not be complicated. However, when one has no clue what a partner likes, it can be difficult to choose a good movie. Taking the time to interview a date on his or her movie preference, before the film is selected, takes the worry out of making a bad choice. Never pick just one flick, pick a few with different story themes and genres. The commonality between them all should be romance if one’s intentions are to have some intimate fun later.

A good romantic movie doesn’t have to include a heated love-making scene; sometimes just a simple theme with a few tearful moments is good enough to kindle some intimacy afterward. The desire to be loved, appreciated and touched by a partner is typically already in the atmosphere before the movie even starts. The film is just icing on the cake!

What one watches alone may not be good to watch with someone else, so choose wisely. A man who typically enjoys watching a group of nude women alone, most likely will turn his date off by selecting such a movie. Most women enjoy being the center of their date’s attention and would prefer not to compete with the seemingly flawless beauty of unclothed young women. A man, who may become easily jealous over a date’s favorite actor, may not want to watch her drool over the mere sight of him. So when picking a movie, it is best to pick something that you wouldn’t typically watch alone and doesn’t make a date feel ashamed or envious.

Consider sprucing up the atmosphere a bit before you watch the romantic film. A nice fragrance, a pretty faux flower arrangement, some soft chew snacks, and a clean coffee table, and comfy sofa will help you and your date feel comfortable. Sometimes the odor of leftover dinner can be a bit nauseating and a cluttered environment can make one wish the movie to be over soon while thoughts of being back at home in the comfort of one’s bed come to mind. Too many fragrances can stir up an allergy sufferer, noisy snacks can distract one from enjoying the movie, and uncomfortable chairs can cause body aches.

The following movies have romantic scenes in them that will emotionally move you and your date. You might find many of them quite entertaining. Encourage your date to share feelings once a movie is watched. You just might learn more about him or her as a result. Following is a list to keep you and your date entertained for weeks!

1. Grease
2. Groundhog Day
3. How the West Was Won
4. Jerry Maguire
5. Juno
6. King Kong
7. Love Actually
8. Meet the Parents
9. Napoleon Dynamite
10. National Lampoon's Animal House
11. Rocky
12. Say Anything...
13. Slumdog Millionaire
14. Some Like It Hot
15. The 40-Year-Old Virgin
16. The English Patient
17. The Graduate
18. The Karate Kid
19. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
20. The Princess Bride
21. The Sound of Music
22. There's Something About Mary
23. Titanic
24. Top Gun
25. True Romance
26. Twilight
27. Vertigo
28. WALL-E
29. Wedding Crashers
30. When Harry Met Sally...

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