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Mature Gentleman and Younger Woman

The pros and cons of a partnership with age difference.

Whenever we see a mature man with a considerably younger woman, most of us are automatically prejudiced with thoughts like: Look at that couple over there, he could well be her father!

When a gentleman over 40 goes out with a young woman aged under 30, a lot of people suggest that the man only wants to show to the world that he is still popular among young ladies and wants to overcome his midlife crisis, whereas the woman is only looking for someone who pays her bills and gives her social security.

Indeed, partnerships with an age difference are often connected to money and luxury. And it is also a fact, that it is easier for a wealthy man of 50+ to find a younger woman, than it is for an unemployed or average man of the same age. Nowadays you can hardly open a newspaper without reading about rich and famous male celebrities of mature age and their dates and relationships with beautiful young women.

From the biological point of view, the combination of mature gentleman, younger woman makes sense: Older men offer security and familiarity not to mention a sense that they have the appropriate genetic conditions for reproduction in short, they are the perfect father figure. Younger women over 20 have already reached sexual fertility, and are although still young and full of energy, many are ready to become a mother. But is this evolutionary reason enough for people nowadays to lead a successful partnership with an age difference or is this sort of relationship destined to fail?

Of course, a partnership with age difference may seem attractive at first for both the mature gentleman as well as for the younger lady. However, problems may occur if both partners live in different stages of their lives. For example, perhaps the young woman is just about to start a career or still studying, perhaps she loves meeting her friends to go shopping and never misses a party. In contrast, the older gentleman has maybe been working hard for decades and has long overcome his urge to party. Instead, he simply feels the desire to stay home and talk to someone who understands him. It is possible that there is nothing to talk about and no hobbies to share, that the sexual attraction might vanish and that the mature man can easily find himself in the role of a father who pays for her lifestyle rather than being her lover. He might start feeling old and excluded from his partners life.

However, this is far from a given. We live in a time where barriers and conflicts between generations are becoming a thing of the past. Health, fitness and the latest technology are gaining in popularity among all ages. A partnership with age difference can be a huge enrichment for both the mature gentleman and the younger woman. Especially if the man is wealthy, allowing the younger lady to enjoy a carefree life and a higher living standard. She can live with an older man who has passed most of the reckless adventures of life, who is experienced and exudes stability all aspects which make a man highly sexually attractive. The younger woman gives the mature gentlemans life a positive boost. Her youth and energy motivates him to stay up-to-date, fit and healthy. The excitement of a fulfilled sex life with a beautiful young woman does the rest, affirming the feeling of being young and increasing his self-confidence beyond recognition.

But regardless of all prejudices, in the end a partnership with age difference simply comes down to both partners feeling good about it. After all, if a relationship between a mature gentleman and a younger woman works, it is certainly not due to their age.

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