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In the lap of luxury with a rich man

Is it a fact that money and luxury make men sexy? And what is a rich man looking for in a woman?

Our modern society often seems to be developing at incredible speed, which makes it hard for us to always stay up-to-date. However, when it comes to finding a partner, in some ways we are barely ahead of our ancestors from the Stone Age.

Many studies and surveys of the past years showed that when looking for a partner, be it a conscious or unconscious decision, women look for potential fathers for their children and a man, who offers a life that is socially secured ideally a luxury life. That means that women are more attracted to men who are rich and who embody strength and security than men with a lower or more average income, not least sexually. In contrast, men are looking for a beautiful woman, who is ideally well educated.

It is not for us to judge whether these results are crude generalisations or not. However, one thing is certain: Rich men leading a luxury life have usually worked hard to achieve what they own and they work just as hard to keep this standard of living. They are looking for a woman who supports them and their professional life, someone to enrich and enlighten their private life and to share their high living standards with. Rich men long to share their luxury with a woman. They desire a woman that they can show to the world with pride and who shines at their side with beauty, intelligence and charm.

Another thing we know is that certain women are highly attracted to a luxury life and men with money. A life and a future without worry, being able to afford anything you want to buy, living among other rich people, buying the clothes and jewellery you always wanted to wear, driving a fancy car, going on holiday to the most beautiful spots on earth, drinking champagne on a boat... The fulfilment of all these dreams in combination with a rich man she can look up to, adore, that she finds attractive and who enables her this luxury life plus a secure future for potential kids, must be the most ideal scenario for some women.

Furthermore, many doors are opened by a rich man and a life in luxury, which would otherwise remain closed for good. A lot of women have talents and dreams that they are never able to be successful with because they lack the opportunities. Among the rich, where money doesn´t matter, it is much easier to find the editor of a fashion magazine, a jewellery designer, a music or TV producer, a professional designer, a manager of a major international company and many more who with a little bit of luck can boost a woman´s career.

One more important aspect is the couple´s sex life. The previously mentioned surveys also showed that rich men embody power, strength and security key points that are very attractive to women, not least from a sexual point of view. It is said that sex with a rich man is more satisfying as with a man of lower income and status. There are always stories of women having affairs with blue-collar workers, gardeners or window cleaners, but these affairs are mostly just short adventures, because these men quickly lose their attraction if there is no perspective of gaining higher income or attaining a higher standard of living. The luxury life enabled by a rich man boosts his attractiveness and appeal. A man with money for his part

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