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Living the High Life of the rich

Instead of your monthly average wage, just imagine you had several million pounds to spend on whatever you like. What would you spend it on?

For most normal people, leading a wealthy life remains an unreachable dream. However, for the rich people living in financial abundance, it is just about as normal as brushing your teeth. In defence of the rich, it must be said that most wealthy people earned their money on their own, by working as a manager or a banker for instance, with only a small percentage inheriting or winning their millions by luck. So despite common misconceptions, even rich people go to work and usually work very hard to earn their money. But the possibilities of spending this money have no limits.

The rich spend their money on their dream house in their dream location with everything their hearts desire: Dozens of bedrooms, a huge surrounding property, a home cinema, a gym, a pool, several garages and of course the staff to keep everything clean and tidy. Rich men and women own an infinite number of clothes designed by the most famous designers, their garages are filled with the most exclusive cars with which the millionaires drive to get their nails and hair done or go shopping in the boutiques of the most expensive brands and or they may even have a driver to take them wherever they want to go.

The free time of millionaires is filled with hobbies, wellness, beauty care, parties, dinners in fancy restaurants and holidays at the most beautiful spots our earth has to offer. Often rich people also own a boat or a private aircraft to avoid annoying queues on public transport.

The social environment of the wealthy is populated with people who are just as rich or even richer. Doors are open to step into a successful career or graduate at a prestigious educational institution. Among the best friends of wealthy people are several millionaires like famous artists, top managers of international major companies and even one or two starlets we might have seen in a magazine.

But we all know that money isnt everything. The results of a study by Oxford University revealed that rich people are hardly happier than others. They surveyed 100 millionaires with net worth of over 125 million dollars and they said they felt 67 percent happy. They then asked random US citizens and they were revealed to be 62 percent happy and so statistically the difference is tiny. In other words, being happy is all about how people use their money for the things that make them permanently happy.

To be permanently happy in the high life, it is important to keep the right balance between luxury and values like love, friendship and family bonds. Statistically, rich Americans live 5 to 10 years longer than the average US citizen, with a life expectancy of 76 years. Therefore rich people are proven to be fitter and healthier.

This statistic is evidence that money, if used for the right purpose, can help rich people live a more relaxed, healthier and longer life, helping people to stay and feel younger. Money can therefore only make you happy, if you use it in the right ways.

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