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Sugar daddies - Rich date

Younger women dating older men with money – welcome to the world of sugar daddies! There’s nothing new about young women looking for a sugar daddy or an older man looking for a sugar babe, and there are many famous – some might say infamous – examples that have made the news and still provide copy for the gossip columns.

As with so many social trends, the Americans have led the way - or have been the most upfront about it. Newspaper baron and magnate, William Randolph Hearst was one of the first celebrity cases of an older, wealthy man living openly with a much younger woman. The fact that the then 40-year-old married 21-year-old chorus girl, Millicent Wilson, was shocking in 1903, but would hardly be commented on today. A nineteen year age gap? What’s shocking about that?

Apart from a significant age gap, the man needs to be rich before he can earn the title "Sugar Daddy". So let’s talk about some celebrities.

Billionaire Donald Trump is another wealthy American married to a woman 25 years his junior and 84-year-old Hugh Heffner, of Playboy magazine, is known for sharing his home with a posse of sugar babes, or Playmates to give them their official title. Woody Allen, Bruce Willis and Sean Penn have all had relationships with much younger women, as has the 71-year-old Mick Jagger. 54-year-old Simon Cowell has recently fathered a child with Lauren Silverman, 18 years his junior.

These are the celebrity sugar daddies, the ones whose photographs we see on websites and in magazines and Sunday supplements. Most sugar daddy relationships these days are formed and carry on without public scrutiny or comment, just like any other relationship. That’s not to say having a sugar daddy isn’t different from having a boyfriend, of course it is; the difference is that women are a lot more open about it now and less likely to be put off by disapproving looks, wagging tongues, or any sense of social stigma.

More and more young, attractive women have the confidence to go and find a sugar daddy if that’s what they want. What they want is an older man with money who is looking for a younger woman for a fun, mutually beneficial arrangement, which often involves being a companion at social events, travelling, wining and dining, as well as usually a sexual relationship. Not so long ago, meeting a sugar daddy was more a matter of luck or having the right connections, but online dating has changed all of that and if it’s a sugar daddy you’re looking for, then all you have to do is register here.

Before you get involved, however, it helps if you’re clear just what you expect to get – and give – from the relationship. Go in with your eyes open and knowing what you want. If you want a loving relationship, fine, but if you expect your sugar daddy to pay for certain things or fund you in some way, than say so from the outset - he’s a sugar daddy, after all and will be fine with that :-)

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