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Christian Dating Can Be an Eye-Opening Experience

Single men and women, divorced individuals, and widows who have a personal faith in a Creator, have moments in their lives where they desire an intimate partner. Yet, due to principles in the Holy Bible, a book written many thousands of years ago by wise prophets, they are not to approach the dating scene in ways that mainstream society does.

Relationship with Heavenly Father
Most people who have turned into believers, also called Christians, disciples, Christ followers and more, have experienced a supernatural, life altering experience that has caused them to go about living not in the way that most people do. Sincere believers spend time in prayer, meditation, fasting, and doing spiritual things as the Holy Ghost within them leads such as visiting and participating in churches or assisting those who are in dire need of basic necessities. This kind of lifestyle is not well-received by those who have no interest in the following: Christian faith, obedience to a Heavenly Creator, and applying various biblical precepts to one’s daily living.

The Holy Bible instructs the believer not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. God warns his people of doing this, so that they will experience less difficulty in their intimate relationships. However, far too many times, Christians will develop partnerships with unbelievers only to find themselves warring with them. As a result, many believers end up leaving a trail of broken hearts behind them, heartbroken or divorced for not following their Creator’s instruction.

Many centuries ago, men and women did not date in the way that it is done in modern times; rather, they were acquaintances and participated in activities that were non-sexual. For example, a young woman would help a man tend to his animals, prepare a meal, or assist with his tasks. Yet, intimacy prior to marriage was forbidden. A believer may use terms like, “courting” or “courtship” to describe his or her dating experience. The status of the relationship for the Christian is not sexual during the courtship. Instead, the couple learns about one another through participating in activities together. The experience may happen during a set length of time which is typically shorter than the ordinary dating experience. Talk of wedding plans, marriage and family usually occur much faster than those who date for months or even years, because believers know that if a decision isn’t reached about committing to one another, they are not to be sexually immoral.

News reports and research has shown that abstaining from sexual activity prior to marriage does decrease the number of abortions, unwed mothers, unwanted babies, and STDs. Believers know that their God would not be pleased if they were to cause unnecessary hardship on their selves and others as a result of participating in profane living.

Christian couples participate in pre-marital counseling prior to making a commitment to ensure that they are indeed compatible. Some Christians will double date or go to public places during their courtship, so that they will not falter in their faith. For instance, they will attend a Christian event, visit a church, meet with relatives and friends, participate in volunteerism, or learn something new together. Through these informal activities, they discover much about one another and are able to determine whether a potential partner is a good fit.

If one should decide to choose to date a Christian, he or she will want to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ first while living his or her life in a way that glorifies one’s Creator. Any other lifestyle will result in much trial and tribulation between the unbeliever and Christ follower.

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